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We invite you to visit our restaurant and guesthouse next to a beautiful view of the Chapada dos Guimarães walls. Our restaurant has a beautiful panoramic view and dishes prepared by Chef Adriana Costa. At the Pousada you will find comfort and tranquility, with personalized suites.

Exclusive and personalized for you

Two spaces for events: One with capacity for up to 100 people, only at night from 6:00 pm, in an environment decorated with refinement and good taste.

Another with capacity for up to 280 people, available for the entire day and night with facilities for weddings, conventions, etc., with an unforgettable panoramic view.

Ponta do Campestre Viewpoint

The Ponta do Campestre Viewpoint has a panoramic view and is beautiful, on clear days, it is possible to see the whole of Cuiabá in 180º, which is about 30 km away in a straight line.

The night view, especially in the dry months, is stunning with the full moon. The viewpoint at the site is fantastic with its views of the walls.

Privately owned, you can do the trail on foot (1.5 km) or by car, as there is a road that goes to the viewpoint.

About Atmã Restaurant
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